Vimax is a completely natural and herbal product. It was developed and tested properly over a long period of time to ensure that most users will see some kind of result. This new formula could give you better, faster and bigger results.

Making the formula more potent means that they are available in smaller containers and only needs to be taken once per day meaning you have more time to get back to your life.

Thousands of Men Have Benefited From Them, So Why Don't You?

It has been rated as the number 1 male enhancement product. A completely natural formula, you will start to see the benefits within the four weeks of this great course.

Vimax is proven to do the following:

  • Helps never getting tired, always ready to stand to attention
  • You should be seeing between one and three inches in length increase
  • A reported one quarter to one half girth boost
  • Once you see those results your self confidence will absolutely skyrocket

Vimax Ingredients

The correct ingredients that should be in every genuine bottle of Vimax

We can tell you what is in them but not how those ingredients are fused together:

  • Cayenne Fruit
  • Ginkgo
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Epimedium Sagittatum
  • Ginseng

The Clever Solution for Men

Why go through the pain, getting hit in the wallet and the embarrassment of multiple appointments with surgery when you can use these?

Use us to ensure you don't buy fake Vimax

China has been churning out fake bottles for years. You should be very careful that you buy from an approved supplier for your safety

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How Often Should I Ingest Vimax?

You should make sure that over the course of four weeks you have taken them once every day, as there are 30 capsules in a bottle which means one for each day. We recommend taking them before breakfast with a glass of water and then you can forget about it for the rest of the day.

Why should I buy from you when I can get them direct from Canada or America?

Although sometimes the prices from the USA or Canada seem cheaper, you have to remember to factor in the increased shipping costs to the EU, the import duty or taxes in your country that are charged for packages that arrive from outside the EU and obviously the time it's going to take to get them through your letterbox!

We recorded all of the results that we found and we also compiled results from customer's feedback too:
6 months of impressive progress
A chart that shows amazing boosts

Taking them once per day should mean that you begin to see similar results that are shown in these charts within four months.

All products are sold in Euros, and you should know that we hold stock, so you're not going to get stung with import duty charges and taxes.

What countries in Europe do you ship to?

We can ship quickly and discreetly to France, Deutschland, Italia, Espana, Nederlands, Sverige, Osterreich, Norge, Switzerland, Portugal, Greece, Malta, Belgium, Danmark and Ireland.

We do not offer an automatic billing cycle, that means that we won't automatically charge your card for a new order when you weren't expecting it. We don't hold on to your credit card details, so you would either need to buy more (at a discounted rate) or when you come to order again enter your card details. A hassle, but it protects you and us from credit card fraud. As we're in Europe it means that you won't have any problems with customs charges and taxes, like you would if you were buying from the manufacturer in Canada; and you must always make sure you are buying the original. Do not buy from auction websites or from outlets in China as it is more than likely that they will not be the genuine version of Vimax and in that you are putting yourself at serious risk of illness as you will not know what ingredients are in the bottle, even if the ingredients list shows the correct ingredients it may not be the case that the bottle actually contains those ingredients. To be sure you should always buy from an approved retailer and you should always look for the green hologram on the bottom of the bottle.

comparison graph of vimax  vs others

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What genuine bottles look like

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Every single bottle genuine bottle will have an in date lot number and a hologram to prove its authenticity.

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