When you register with www.vimaxonline.eu your details will never be passed to a third party and will be retained by vimaxstore.us and our partners for internal use only, except for times when notifying you of our offers and services. When you register your details with vimaxstore.us you accept that from time to time we may notify you of additional offers and services unless you have chosen to opt out of this feature.

We promise to keep any information that you provide us completely safe and secure. Our Servers automatically scramble any information that is provided to us, including your name address and credit card details. Our staff are trained and continually updated with Data Protection rules and procedures to ensure your data is handled with integrity.

We are registered under the Data Protection Act (ref: Z1346469) and it is our duty to protect your personal information.

Any credit card details that are provided are handled by our Merchant Providing bank and details are never retained on any vimaxstore.us computer system, each time you order you will have to re-input your card details, sorry but it's for your security.

Our website operates on both secure and standard server space, all details that you input onto the site are always within the secure section, you can re-assure yourself by checking for a padlock at the bottom corner of your browser window.

We will only pass your personal information to a third party when required by law or where we believe to be necessary to uphold the legal process.

We guard your details with our lives so that you can be sure that shopping with vimaxstore.us is safe, secure and reliable.

If you have any questions regarding the security of our site and your data you can email sales@vimaxonline.eu

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