Reason 1
You will gain an ability to maintain erection because of the increased blood flow due to your arteries being more relaxed. It means a harder and longer erection and some great sexual experiences.
Reason 2
You will be able to penetrate your partner. With a stiffer erection you should have no problems having sex, and don't forget with a stiffer erection your confidence will grow and should also be able to maintain it.
Reason 3
A massive increase in frequency and quality of orgasms. With a build of semen in the body, you'll find you have a desire to want sex, and when you do the increased amount of semen being released will see you have some fantastic orgasms.
Reason 4
A HUGE increase in sexual and intercourse satisfaction. Going for longer and harder will see you feel like you have had a proper sex session.
Reason 5
A substantial increase in sex drive and labido. With the correct nutrients in the body you should start to see that your libido improves and of course with a rock hard erection your confidence will be sky high further increasing your desire for more sex.

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